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4 Important Factors and Accessories To Consider When Preparing Your Kid for Winter

Keep your kids warm in all kinds of weather. However, you can find it challenging to keep your kids warm and comfortable during cold weather if you have not prepared adequately. It’s important to note that keeping your kids warm and comfortable helps them remain active and in good shape. Keeping your children warm and cozy during winter can be a lifesaver.

1.    Size of Children’s Wear

Whether you are buying a jacket, socks, mittens, or footwear, it’s crucial to purchase the most appropriate size for your kid. Oversize mittens may fall off and serve no purpose, while undersized little mittens may be challenging to wear, and your child may loathe the experience of putting on mittens during cold weather.

Most manufacturers will indicate the appropriate age group for a particular clothing size. However, it’s essential to consider your child’s actual size since some children outgrow their age group. You can contact Hotpaws for quality winter mittens and other winter accessories.

A good size for your kid’s wear will make them feel comfortable, and hence it makes it easier dealing with them. Children tend to become restless when they are uncomfortable.

2.    Comfort

Make factors kick into play when you think of comfortable wear for your kid during cold weather. Such factors may include the texture of the fabric, the weight and size of the clothes, and ease of wear. Kidswear loaded with bells and other metallic decorations are uncomfortable during winter since it can get cold and cause discomfort when your child is sleeping. Kids tend to sleep more during cold weather than during hot weather. Hence you should ensure they are putting on comfortable clothes all of the time.

Easy to wear clothes ensures your child is at ease and does not resist putting on warm clothes. Dressing your child during cold weather should not be a tug of war; choose clothes that fit your kid well and are easy to wear.

3.    Avoid Bulky Heavy Clothing for Kids During Winter

Cold weather may tempt you to dress your child in bulky, heavy clothes to protect them from feeling cold. However, kids like playing and moving around with ease without unnecessary obstruction, the burdensome and cumbersome garments will make them feel uncomfortable and restricted.

Instead, dress your kid in layers of light clothes such as thermal clothing and light-weight, waterproof jackets.  The base layers help trap the body heat; hence, the body’s heat does not escape. On top of the base layer, dress your kid in a top garment and bottom, and then top up with a light jacket but good enough to keep your child warm. Also, note that the layers of clothes trap air in between, which helps keep your child warm.

4.    Skin and Eyes Protection from UV Rays

Low temperatures and strong winds will leave your child’s skin dry, hence leaving it more exposed to UV rays. The UV index may be lower during winter than during summer, but it doesn’t disappear, so protect yourself and your kid from UV rays by wearing sunscreen with SPF ≥30.

It’s important to know that snow and ice reflect over 90% of UV rays, hence the need to protect your child when moving out during snow. Also, as FDA recommends, remember to have them put on sunglasses with UV400 or 100% UV protection to protect their eyes if they are older than six months.


Kids cannot combat cold weather on their own; they quickly get flu and cold when exposed to low temperatures. It’s therefore essential to thoughtfully prepare your children for the cold weather to make sure they remain active and comfortable throughout the season. Choose clothes that fit them well and are not too heavy for them. Dressing them in layers of appropriate light clothes helps them keep warm and at the same time comfortable. Let’s keep the spirits high during the cold weather!

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