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5 Ties Every Man Should Own

Whether you are a young or adult male, there comes a time in your life where you are introduced to ties. From proms to bar mitzvahs or weddings to starting a new job, you will find yourself needing to go shopping for men’s ties at least once in your life. And as you start to search for ties, you come to realize the many assortments of ties available. Yes, there are lots of colors, prints, fabrics, and designs to choose from. It can become incredibly difficult to choose the tie that suits you best. Not to worry, all those vibrant colors, novel designs, and beautiful fabric can be easily decided on. Well…maybe..if you have in mind the exact need and have the blazer, jacket, shirt, or suit to go with it.

But no need to fret or feel overwhelmed when it comes to ties. Whether you’re trying to update your collection of men’s ties or are just looking for a specific occasion, here are the top 5 men’s ties every man should own:

Solid Tie

No matter the color, every man should own at least one solid color tie (preferable one that has a neutral color that can match several dress clothes). Solid colors can work for both formal and informal occasions. They are also ones you can leave in your office should an emergency business meeting pop up. 

The biggest benefit is solid ties never go out of style. The color can be according to what you own the most of. and that can accommodate quickly without too much effort. Burgundy, reds, black, browns and silver are classic colors that can go with almost all the shirts in your wardrobe.

Novelty Tie

A novelty is a tie that will be a blessing in your wardrobe. These are premium men’s ties that are adorned with different patterns, prints, or are customized with pictures or words on them that are not the traditional patterns or prints most ties have. These men’s ties may have the stars and stripes, flamingos, ducks, deer, or any other hobby or personal interest.

Whenever you run out of ties to match a suit, you can relax because this gem of a men’s tie can go with almost any business shirt you have. Well, that is if you have one that has the colors or prints that will match what you chose to wear with your tie. This color suits almost all the shirts and goes completely noticed (which is the signature of the novelty tie). 

 Polka-Dot Tie

In your mind you may immediately think that polka dot ties would never go with many outfits (formal or informal). This is a huge misconception. A polka dot tie on top of a solid-colored suit is a combination that you won’t be able to leave. Now, here is another secret about polka-dot ties, they now go with more than solids. YES! Mixing patterns is a hueg fashion statement right now and polka-dots are pairing exceptionally well with stripes, florals, and even checkered patterns. Options have become limitless with this pattern.

Glen Plaid Tie

This is a patterned tie that will catch the attention of the public wherever you go. Its textured design will help you pull off any suit without looking overdressed. This means that you can easily work your way in casual events and friendly gatherings. It gives you the much-needed sophisticated look that can work with any blazer and during any season. So, all you have to do is choose your color and the tie does the rest for you.

A silver-gray Glen Plaid tie will work out perfectly if you have a lot of formal suits in your closet. Brown plaids also work really well in semi-formal environments. Glen plaids can also pair well with casual sweaters and light jackets.

Bow Tie

A lot of men may argue that ties are not fashion forward. But the reality differs when it comes to the type of tie you choose, especially when your choice is the bow tie. The versatility and elegance this type of tie provides can fit with just about any shirt or suit to give it a formal or professional look. Whether it is silk, colorful, cotton, mixed with lace, or textured, a bow tie can do what many other ties cannot do when it comes to looks. It makes an ordinary shirt become elegant. It is what makes tuxedos the luxury they are.

Instead of buying separate men’s ties for every suit you purchase, it would be advantageous to select a few universal ties that can complement multiple shirts and suits you own or intend to buy. Remember, it is not always about the colors and textures; but also about investment to your wardrobe that is important. Because of their recurring need of ties at some point (or daily), they are a must-have accessory for every man’s closet.

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