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A Guide to Buying a Holster for a Gun

After purchasing a firearm, purchasing the holster proves to be a challenge. Several factors determine a good holster, including retention, comfort, durability, material type, adjustability, re-holstering, concealment, and drawing ease.

In this article, these factors are outlined in more detail.

  • Comfort

When selecting a gun holster, you should look for comfort. The combined weight of your gun and your holster can be uncomfortable.

You may need time to adjust to wearing a holster if you’re new to it. Wear a holster that you can wear all day without drawing attention to it.

  • Gun Retention

Unless under duress, nobody should know you have a gun.

Holsters must keep your gun or pistol secure. There are retention devices like the thumb and strap break on holsters.

  • Material Type

The materials that make up a good, durable holster vary. Among these is leather, which is versatile and is comfortable to work with every day.

Moreover, if it gets loose over time, you can toss it in the warm water for a few seconds and let it air dry overnight.

Additionally, there is Kydex, a thermoplastic material as good as leather. The benefit with a Kydex holster is that it does not lose its shape when you pull your gun out.

  • Re-holstering

As you walk, you may come across an attacker on the street, at which point you can draw your gun and scare him away.

As you try to re-holster your gun to get it to safety, it drops and hurts you.

You should be able to place your weapon back into the holster unassisted after the threat is over.

Materials like Kydex are rigid and will retain their shape even after you draw your gun.

  • Concealment

Don’t let your gun decide to “check out the view” while in line at your favorite coffee shop.

Consider a hidden holster that will conceal your gun while going about your daily activities.

Choose a holster that you can comfortably wear underneath t-shirts, suits, dresses, etc.

  • ¬†Ability to be adjusted

Don’t limit yourself to wearing one or two types of clothing each day because your holster won’t fit comfortably with anything else.

Invest in a holster that fits your daily wardrobe. Every person has different needs in terms of concealment and access.

There are several types of holsters available to fit every requirement of a gun holder.

  • Drawing ease

To save yourself, every minute counts. The last thing you need is a fight with your holster to retrieve your gun.

An effective retention holster should be capable of allowing you to draw your weapon easily.

Final Words

There are many types of holsters serving an array of needs. Keep the above in mind to avoid any potential harmful accidents when choosing an appropriate gun holster.

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