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Best Pool Float Shapes and Accessories

Close your eyes and think about summer. When you open them, what comes to mind? More likely than not, you are thinking of a more relaxed and enjoyable time of vacation with fewer deadlines, no school, and better weather. The sun is out, the breeze is warm, and the water is calling. For many people, summer represents something to look forward to for the nine months of the year where the weather is a little worse and life is a bit crazier. And when you think of summer, you probably associate it with being out on the water, whether that’s your backyard pool, the ocean, or anything in between.
If you are used to spending lots of time in the pool, you probably have lots of memories associated with the pool that involve jumping in, making the biggest cannonball you can, and splashing all your friends and family. However, there are also probably times where you have just wanted to lay back, relax, and float around on the surface. Chances are that your time at the pool would not be as enjoyable without some accessories to enhance your experience.

Best Accessories to Make Your Pool Day Better

If you have ever been on (or in!) the water for any length of time, you have probably gotten pretty thirsty; spending that much time in the sun can be awfully dehydrating. So what could the solution possibly be?
Well, the best solution to the problem that does not require you to get out of the water and pause your pool time is a floating cooler accessory. These can be fun little ways to keep your drink with you and your friends without getting out and having to dry off. They also come in a variety of colors and designs like a floating palm tree with three cup holders and an ice cooler, so you can even express your personality while enjoying something to drink at the same time.
Another great poolside accessory are styled beach towels with a matching beach carry bag. Once you get out of the water, drying off and finding a new place to soak up the sun is essential, so do it in style this summer!

It Gets Better

You might be thinking that the two accessories I mentioned are a little bit underwhelming, and you might be totally right. That is why I saved the best for last: pool floats. These bad boys represent the pinnacle of pool day comfort and are a flashy, fun way to express your personality. Soaking up the sun and just enjoying the weather while aimlessly floating around the water is the best reason to get a pool float. Not only do you get the best of both worlds (perfect sunshine and perfect weightlessness), but you are also guaranteed a fun way to stand out. From the little arm floats that we all used as kids to the giant inflatable boats that live in many people’s backyard pools, floats have always been fun and exciting. Even today, for many people pool floats trigger nostalgia and remind them of simpler, younger memories.
Here are a couple examples of the best pool float shapes to stand out this summer:
Red Sports Car Float: you can stand out with the fastest looking float in the whole pool, and you can share it with a friend or a loved one. This float is almost eight feet long and has two cup holders and a whole cooler built in!
Giant Cabana Dayclub: the best part of being on the water is sharing time with people you enjoy being with, so don’t sacrifice community to spend time floating around. With this float, up to four people can hang out together on a floating oasis in the pool.
Red Lips Pool Float: if you really want an eye-catching float, grab this flirty little number today and jump out in the pool yourself! No biting allowed.
As you can see, there is no shortage of variety, and if you are just looking for a more traditional tube design, you can grab one of those too in a variety of colors and patterns.

In Summary

Summertime can be a way to transport yourself to another life and get out of the chaos and stress of a busy life. If you are looking for a fun, trendy way to get out on the water this year and maybe even looking for a float that will spice up your social media page and get you noticed, take a look at these! The best part is the floats sold at the link above actually practice ethical sourcing and responsible manufacturing practices, so you can enjoy yourself and feel good about it all at the same time.

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