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Charming Diamond Necklace Designs for Women to Try

Diamonds have been praiseworthyfor ages for their rareness, purity, and elegance. A necklace for women is considered a much-needed piece of jewellery that can be worn on many occasions. A stunning diamond necklace worn around your neck can make you stand out in a crowd.

Tanishq,the reputed jewellery brand in India, believes in women power. At Tanishq, every woman is considered worth celebrating. Each piece of jewellery at Tanishq including necklace designis created in a unique, elegant, and spectacular fashion.

Tanishq thus offers timeless diamond necklaces for its women clientele. For instance, the diamond choker from Tanishq’s Swayahm is crafted using rose gold, white gold, and various cuts of diamonds. The choker’s ethnic plus modern finish is sure to melt away a woman’s heart. Likewise, the brand’s multiple stones teardrop necklace and earrings set has been set in 18 karats yellow gold and studded with colored stones and diamonds. This beautiful set is sure to keep the people gazing at its beauty for the sheer excellence of its craftsmanship.

You name it and we offer it. Tanishq believes in providing masterpiece diamond necklace designs for its beloved customers. Every necklace has been crafted with utmost care and workmanship. The timeless diamond necklaces from Tanishq are sure to increase the beauty and grace of your jewellery collection.

Let’s explore different types of diamond Necklace 

Diamond balances happiness for woman. Identified by 4 Cs, namely cut, clarity, certification and carat diamonds are undoutedly a precious stone. Diamond necklace designs have many options rangingfrom simple to heavy necklace, solitaires to millions of sparking stones to wear on any occasion as listed below:

Choker diamond necklace 

Diamond necklace are much on the expensive side.  They are heavily done and studded with finest quality diamonds.Crafted in 18carat yellow and white gold is a magnificent collection of Udayamwith stone clarity of S12.  An ideal light-weighted choker diamond necklace for a memorable evening party.

Light-weight diamond studded necklace

Lightweighted diamond necklace are a perfect jewellery collection for simple functions, pre-wedding functions, formal get-together etc. Simple and lightweighted diamond necklace looks elegant and delicate in feel. These mesmerizing pieces of finest diamondcollection from Tanishq ‘Aramabh’symbolizes the pinnacle of style and elegance for every occasion.

Timeless Ruby diamond studded necklace

Ruby diamond jewellery is a very popular and important piece of jewellery in necklace designsspecially for weddings and traditional occasions. Ruby diamond necklace makes a dazzling combination for special occasions. Ruby diamond necklace is also considered auspicious to those that suits their Zodiac sign. The rich ruby and diamond work gets gracefully captured in this necklace to adda royal touch.

Evergreen Floral diamond necklace 

Floral necklace studded in diamonds and a colored stone is inspired by the beauty of flowers. This stunning piece of collection is made in 18carat gold with the diamond clarity of SI2and an exquisite jewellery collection from ‘Arambh’ that exudes grace and charm. You can flaunt this floral design and diamond studded necklace and stand out in the crowd.

Customers can now choose a diamond necklace of their choice on Tanishq’s official website and purchase their choice of diamond necklace online with 100% authenticity.

The cuts, designs, make and patterns are very diverse and remarkable and one gets enthralled with one look at the Tanishq diamond necklace. Wear these modern and gorgeous necklaces, yet ethnic and traditional.

At Tanishq,we ensure that exquisite diamond necklace designs can always make you feel special and elegant.

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