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Dining Table Trends for 2022

The pandemic has brought a new normal to our lives.  The workplace has come home.  People have learned to relax, manage work-life balance, read, take up hobbies, and last but not least, to cook.  Healthy, organic, pure are the buzzwords.  Consequently, the dining table has become a popular and much sought-after piece of furniture.

One more reason is that the work from home scenario has created multi-purpose zones in a home.  You spend more time at home, doing various activities.  Naturally, furniture that combines beauty and utility creates a cosy atmosphere and makes your home a place you love to be in.  An elegant dining table set fits the bill perfectly.

A dining table is the most favourite place of all the family members.  Good food, good mood, and good company, what else makes a good life!  A stylish and sleek dining table is a must-have in any home.  With the comfort of sitting and decorative value, an ideal dining table is the golden mean of both.  To be sure, the dining table is in vogue in 2022.  Let’s have a look at some latest dining set trends.

Increased interest in colourful dining tables

Instead of frequently preferred wooden or natural finishes, people are opting for colourful tables.  The popularity of the vibrant coloured tables is due to the vibe of refreshing positivity they create.  Also, the passion for experimentation is another reason.  You have many options to choose from the bold and colourful dining sets online.

Glass Dining Set

A glass dining set is a hot and happening trend in 2022.  It amplifies the available space to create a wider and open look.  Glass looks stylish and creates a breezy feeling in the room.  A glass dining table set for 4 is an ideal choice for a nuclear family.  It is low maintenance and creates a beautiful ambience in your dining area.  A glass dining set has a neutral appearance and is an ideal choice for a modern, stylish home.  Smoked glass is also a splendid option, which is in fashion nowadays.

Multi-functional dining tables

Sometimes, a dining set serves multiple purposes.  Kids use it to do their homework.  Teenagers sit there with a laptop to complete some urgent work.  A working woman might even attend a zoom meeting while working from home on a dining set.  The dining table that serves several purposes is one of the top dining table set trends in 2022.  A 6-seater dining set is longer and wider.  It can be truly multi-functional if you are really keen about it.

Sustainable dining set

Post pandemic, people have become increasingly aware of environmental conservation.  Eco-friendly furniture is being handpicked all across the world.  Wood is one of the most sustainable materials in the world.  A wooden dining table set not only looks royal and majestic, it gives you an opportunity to contribute to a sustainable future.

Marble dining table set

Marble is a classic and lavish natural stone.  Its pale glow and elegant look are mesmerising.  The polished surface of the marble reflects light.  A marble tabletop dining set adds exclusivity and luxury to your dining space.  One additional advantage of marble is that it matches different types of decors.  Marble dining set price is a bit on the higher side.  But it is a complete value for money piece.

Round dining tables

A rectangular dining table is an all-time favourite.  But round dining table sets have also been preferred by those who love to experiment.  The round tables are contemporary and stylish.  They are excellent for intimate talks and quiet conversations with a cuppa coffee.  Plus, the round dining table sets optimize your space and add great decorative value to your kitchen and dining.

White on a white colour palette

One of the latest dining room trends is having a white dining table set in a room done in shades of white.  This included a dining table, dining chairs, and room all in white, ivory, pearl.  eggshell white, off white and other white shades.  This combination creates a soothes the nerves and creates a calming effect.

Enhance the dining experience

Enhancing the dining experience in myriad ways is in vogue currently.  Hanging plants add value and create a natural ambience in your dining space.  The dining set can be placed on a beautiful rug to elevate your design quotient.

You can keep a plant or a vase with flowers to give a refreshing feel.

Statement lighting

Be exclusive in selecting the lighting fixtures around your dining table set.  Incorporate something unique, such as a chandelier, an asymmetrical lampshade, uneven texture on the wall, Filament cage lamps, low-to-the-table shades, to create ambience and mood.

As we see, the trends in 2022 are all about adding style, beauty, function, and personality.  Before choosing the perfect dining set online, you should take some important points into consideration.  Give a thought to the following factors before zeroing in on your purchase.

  • Define the kind of dining table design you are specifically looking for. Be clear about what style you want.
  • Decide the shape and size of the dining table set. The size should be in sync with your home decor and the available space where you want to place the table.  Too big or too small a dining table might spoil your interior design.
  • Keep in mind the number of people sitting at the dining table in the future. Do not forget the close friends, relatives, or guests who visit your home for lunch or dinner.  Depending on that plan, whether you want to buy a 4-seater or a 6-seater dining furniture set.
  • Select the shape of the table and chairs with priority to your comfort. You should enjoy your meal and chit-chat while sitting comfortably.
  • Fix your budget and select the table that fits in it. There are various budget-friendly dining sets available online.

Most of the dining table trends in 2022 are poised to give your dining area a distinct character.  Transform your kitchen and dining into a superb space and make your family and guests happy.

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