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Everything You Should Know About Bicycle Bearings

It is easy to overlook the importance of bearings. However, they are essential in the performance and efficiency of your bike. The manufacturers place them in various parts of the bicycle, such as brackets and pedals. Some bike functions such as riding or rolling cannot occur if it lacks bearings. Looking after the bearings is part of the repair and maintenance process. It becomes challenging to look after them suppose you do not understand them. Bike bearings are available in many designs, such as NTN bearings, among others. Below we discuss the different ki of bearings.

Needle bearings

These bearings are also known as roller bearings. Over the last years, they have become uncommon except in pedals. The evolving technology is replacing the traditional ways; they are also cheaper. As their name suggests, they occur in cylindrical shapes, unlike other bearings. It is essential to mate them properly to prevent wearing out quickly. You can change them between several cartridge bearings.

Ball bearings

These are among the oldest bearings, and for them to work well, it would be best to use bearings that have mated cups. Even though the categories are among the most ancient, they are better in other forms, such as offering higher performances.


These designs have seen their demand increase in the most recent past. This is due to the massive tolerance in the frame. These designs need precision to work well. Improvement in technology trickles its frequency and decreases its application. They have a cup that is near the cartridge and it can be moved to the standby bores. The neat arrangement of its component might make it look simple the reality could be tough but the merits outweigh the skills required to ensure they remain perfect.

Sizing of bearings

You will initially have to acknowledge your bearing dimensions suppose you want new ones but most importantly, it would help to acknowledge the meaning of each size. To purchase these bearings, you will have to know its width. The majority of headsets are 5/33″. With the enclosed cartridges, you should acknowledge 4 measurements which are written on the bearing most of the time. You are required to acknowledge the interior and exterior area plus its width.

Types of angular cartridges

There are 2 main types of cartridges namely;

  1. Radial

They are cheaper than the two because they are cheap. Here, loads are carried in a radial direction. They lack a vector hence they cannot perform some duties but they reciprocate that with lower tolerances. They lack an interior or exterior.

  1. Angular

These bearings need tight tolerances because they occur in specific directions. They consist of interiors and exteriors in their structure. This bearing is most suitable for suspension. These bearings are designed to have higher tolerances because they can carry weights from all sides.


Having read the above information, it is safe to say a bearing is among the most vital component of a bicycle’s structure. Bearings can last for long periods as long as they are taken care of well.

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