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Facts You Should Know About Fairness Creams before Using Them on Yourself or Your Child

It’s a tempting concept: if you use a product every day, you’ll become fairer and more attractive than you’ve ever been. However, before you join the fairness cream like Vitamin C Cream for skin, consider the following facts concerning fairness creams.

  • They have bleaching agents in them.

Fairness creams contain bleaching chemicals, which is one of the reasons they produce the outcomes they do. When you apply the cream, these compounds are what give it that stretched sensation and texture. They’re also the reason why fairness creams work as quickly as they claim — only bleach can act so quickly.

However, these substances – such as mercury, nickel, chromium, and hydroquinone – are harmful to your skin over time. They shouldn’t be in beauty products in the first place. Inorganic mercury, such as that found in beauty products, has been linked to psychological issues such as depression and anxiety, according to studies!

  • Long-term use might result in dull, dry, spotty, and discolored skin.

While the first results of fairness creams may appear to be positive, repeated or routine use might lead to skin problems. It needs to get demonstrated that applying fairness creams might make your skin look much worse!

Refractory pigmentation or severe skin discoloration are common side effects of many of the substances listed above. It causes the natural color of your skin to fade, making it darker, uneven, and lifeless.

  • They Do Not Produce the Expected Results

While fairness creams like Phyto-C Vitamin C Cream for skin provide immediate results (bleaching ingredients), they do not make your skin lighter or fairer. Furthermore, these outcomes are not long-term. Fairness creams, on the other hand, have long-term negative consequences on your skin and health. However, it may be too late by the time you realize this.

  • You can save a lot of money

Fairness creams range in price from INR50 to INR2000 for a 50g pack. One 50g-pack will last you about 2 or 3 weeks if you use the cream every day as directed by the ads. So, on average, you purchase two packs per month. That amounts to ranging from INR1200 to INR48000 each year! Can you believe it?

Add to that the fact that fairness is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Most businesses will provide products for various ages, skin types, seasons, and other factors. They might even recommend pairing the cream with a comparable soap, face wash, or other product. Imagine how much money you’d save if you didn’t have to purchase any of these things.

  • ‘Skin Tone’ Isn’t Everything.

The most exaggerated feature of fairness creams is how they promote fairness as the sole thing lacking in your life that prevents you from achieving tremendous success in all areas. It’s both amusing and frightening, both because it’s not true and because – is this the message we want to send our children? Level of life achievement gets determined by the color of your skin and should get determined by it?

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