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Guidelines to Ensure a Safe Purchase of Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring can seem like a gargantuan task that can be quite stressful. When buying a diamond in a physical store or online, there are a few things you should be aware of before you purchase.

It’s normal to be scared of this task. After all, you’ll be spending a large chunk of change for a ring. It can be one of the most important purchasing decisions of your life. In fact, three in four grooms declared that they had trouble during the search for their ring. With a majority stating that they felt they didn’t get a good deal with their final decision.

Keep reading if you want to learn more about what to look for when buying an engagement ring and reveal where you should shop for a high quality diamond jewelry ring.

Always Shop With a Budget

To make sure of the safe purchase of your engagement ring, the first decision that you should make is how much you want to spend. Setting a budget can seem like an obvious task, but almost every groom will spend more than what they wanted to. By walking into a store or going online with a price range already in mind, this can help you narrow your search to help meet your specific needs.

There is a “guideline” that you should be spending two months’ salary on your engagement ring, but this guideline was fabricated by the diamond industry. It’s much better to create a personal budget that takes into account any of your outstanding debts, your income and your financial priorities.

Is It Safe To Buy A Diamond Engagement Ring Online?

The short answer is: yes! If you find a reputable vendor, that is. The high price of a ring can make many buyers wary of purchasing online. While there are some risks to online shopping, there are still risks when it comes to buying a diamond ring in a physical store. However, you can totally avoid these risks if you choose the right online vendor.

Look for online vendors who have professional websites and many visual images and videos of their rings and other products. Other than that, make sure you buy from a retailer with generous risk-free return and exchange policies that can help give you a more safe shopping experience.

In most cases, the shipping will also be fully insured to protect both you and the retailer. You would actually be hard-pressed to find a physical store that could offer you a return policy as good.

Forget About the Four C’s

In the past, a diamond ring’s value was determined by the four c’s: clarity, cut, colour, and carat size. However, you should be wary of these characteristics, as diamond vendors can use them to up the price of your ring. On paper, these ratings are misleading, since any imperfections on the diamond could be imperceivable to someone who isn’t a professional. They also won’t tell the whole story, for example if the diamond’s imperfection is on its side, it can be easily covered up. In doing so you could be saving anywhere from one to three thousand dollars.

In terms of clarity, there can be huge differences between a top and bottom rated diamond. But in most cases, you won’t even be able to see it unless you’re looking underneath a microscope. They aren’t visible to the naked eye. Many vendors will use these characteristics to raise the price of a diamond that is perfect on paper, but shows no noticeable differences.

Online Retailers can be More Transparent

The rise of ecommerce and technology has greatly changed the diamond industry. We now have reliable tools to compare diamond prices and to check their sources. Now we can do that and so much more at a few clicks of a button. There is a lot more transparency with online retailers who will more often than not provide you with data to help you decide on your diamond. This can be an opposite experience in a physical diamond shop, where they believe that the less you know, the better.

Don’t Give in to Sales Pressure From Commissioned Staff

When shopping in physical diamond stores, you might notice that the sales representatives flock to you and try to get you to upsell or to go over budget. If you feel like this is the type of environment you are in, you should probably check out a different store. After all, no one likes peer pressure.

This can be another pro for going with an online retailer. You’ll be able to shop at your own pace without pressure from commissioned salespeople. You can also shop at your own pace without feeling like you are being watched. This can give you a stress-free environment that can help you think more clearly.

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