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How The Clock In And Out App Has Made Timesheets Obsolete

Let’s face it, for businesses still using manual timekeeping; timesheets are one of the worst parts of the entire process. For starters, timesheets have to be filled out by hand for every single employee. This means that there is a higher rate of errors when filling in timekeeping data and no way to verify if the data is accurate.

On top of that, time theft is easier and more likely to occur with manual team time tracking. Since there is no way for proper oversight, false records and inflated hours are easy to report.

Thankfully there is a solution. A clock in and out app has completely eliminated the need for timesheets. This saves paper resources, eliminates errors and time theft, and simplifies payroll. Many features come with the app that makes traditional timesheets a thing of the past.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

A clock in and out app takes away the need for any manual data entry. Instead of having employees clock in and record their time themselves, the app automatically records their time when they clock in, down to the minute they clock out. Since employees cannot alter the system without approval, they can’t change their hours at will.

Even the most simplistic of timesheet management apps only require a minimal amount of input from the user, that being the employee; the rest is tracked and recorded automatically. Employees are allowed to view their hours at any time and have easy access to schedules, making the entire process simpler and easier without the need for all that paper and data entry.

An added benefit is that managers can also monitor this data in real-time, and if there are discrepancies, they can be amended quickly and easily. However, it is much less likely than with the old-fashioned paper method.

GPS Tracking Keeps Employees on Task

Another downside to old-fashioned timesheets is that there was no way to know just how productive your employees were during their time working. You had to assume they were working on their tasks and staying productive, but we all know that’s not always the case.

A clock in and out app has the benefit of GPS tracking, which, contrary to belief, is helpful in the workplace for keeping employees in their assigned zones and on task. Employers can use the tracking feature in real-time to check employee locations and even monitor activity for remote workers, ensuring productivity, something a timesheet could never do.

Another feature of a timekeeper app is the ability to use geofencing to keep employees from clocking in outside of the bounds of a set area. This is useful for keeping employees from performing personal errands while on the clock or straying too far from the job site.

Unique Logins Provide Additional Security

One of the best safeguards against lost productivity and time theft is ensuring that each employee can only sign in for themselves and only works their assigned shift. A time and attendance app can use facial recognition, biometrics, and other tools to ensure that each employee’s clock in is unique.

This eliminates the potential for time theft. Added to this is the ability to remotely track productivity, such as hours spent on an individual task, hours spent browsing the web, and other actions that aren’t relevant to the job.

With a regular job clock timesheet, the employer only had the employee’s word without constant micro-managing and oversight, which is highly inefficient. The improved timekeeping and productivity alone are enough to eliminate timesheets. Still, when added to the accountability and various other features, it is clear that a clock in and out app is the way to go.

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