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Influencer marketing: Will it replace TV advertising?

Social media is constantly coming into development, now every brand is using social media platforms for their promotion. Due to the increasing use of Social Media Marketing, now brands are using it. Influencer Marketing Strategy and evolution has been on the rise since the covid era and its numbers are increasing day by day.

Now instead of an offline method, everyone is promoting their brand online only. But the offline method is also very important for brand promotion. But the question is whether TV advertising has been a place of Influencer marketing. Let us know today through this article, today we will tell you how Influencer Marketing has replaced TV Advertising.TV advertising and Influencer Marketing both play a major role in the marketing plan of any brand. Can we combine both the methods together? Both online and online are true, each has its own advantages to make the brand attractive.

Will influencer marketing overtake TV advertising?

TV has been a good entertainment tool for the people, it has been an effective way to promote a brand for a long time. First people are adopting influencer marketing strategy for the promotion of their brand and its numbers are increasing continuously. But people do not see a product on social media, they see a product only on TV. You cannot deny that TV advertising is also very important and effective for the brand.

According to a study, it can be found that people do not keep their phone in hand while watching TV and only 40 to 50 percent of people watch TV without taking the phone in hand. This proves that both TV and social media are useful for brands, but influencer marketing strategy is more useful for brands.

Who influences the brand the most in TV and Influencer Marketing?

Which of the two affects the brand more? Influencers create great content which makes it very effective for the brand. As you know, there has been an outcry in the whole world due to Covid. During that time everyone was imprisoned in their own homes. It is in this situation that influencer marketing strategy is coming into development, this method has been very effective for every brand. Now every brand is adopting Influencer Marketing strategy for their brand awareness.

Influencer marketing is growing because social media is being used more and companies are taking advantage of this. But those people who do not know how to use social media, there are people who do not know how to read and write, children, or elderly people etc. TV advertising is the best for such people who do not use social media.

So it is clear that influencer marketing and TV advertising both play a major role in brand promotion. So the question is proved to be completely wrong whether influencer marketing strategy is replacing or leaving behind TV ads, both have their own advantages. Both the methods can provide a great experience to a brand and help take it to new heights. Both the methods are easy to engage the audience. Many influencers also do influencer marketing on TV.

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