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Most Beautiful Engagement Rings for Your Fiancée

Let’s say you’ve been in a relationship for a long time and are now looking to make “The Big Move”. It happens with everyone (well, maybe not everyone, but most people at some point in their lives). At that moment, you’ll be planning the best way to propose and thinking about your partner’s reaction (having multiple scenarios going through your mind). What will be his/her reaction be when they see the ring?

To top all of this nervousness, there’s another thing to worry about. In the past, this whole engagement charisma was just about getting on one knee and proposing. But nowadays, most of the women – and even men – give a lot of importance to what engagement ring they’re being given. It has become a symbol of how serious and big-hearted your fiancé is.

Which Ring to Choose?

In my opinion, this is the most troublesome step when looking to propose. You make up your mind spend countless hours in several diamond stores looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring. As a matter of fact, you see what feels like tons of engagement rings lined up in rows and in several cases. From split shank bands to pave, from round cuts to emerald cuts, from solitaires to halo sets, and every ring begins to look prettier than the previous. How to choose? 

It can be hard to narrow down a few styles that represent your fiancée. That is why we have come up with a list of the best engagement rings that will certainly overwhelm your fiancée on the big day:

Halo Pave Side Profile Engagement Ring

This ring features a brilliant side profile, pave design, and a split shank setting at the top of the head. Its elegant design makes it an automatic choice while considering the best engagement rings. It has a vintage halo split setting and Asscher cut that sparkles and gives it a unique style. Every woman likes to have an engagement ring that will stand out, and Pave sides nearly always sparkle and give a distinct look that becomes more beautiful when put on the finger. 

3-Stone Princess Channel Set Diamond Ring

This ring can feature a delicate earth-mined colorless diamond as the center stone or stone that has a slight coloring but still clear, and two Princess cut diamonds as side stones on the opposite sides of the center stone. The side stones travel down the shaft in a set channel, giving an exquisite look to whoever wears it. This ring has way of looking sparkly from many angles because of the side diamonds. 

Classis 6-Prong Knife Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring

When it comes to selecting rings, everyone has  a different taste in diamonds. It all depends on the personality of the person. If you think your fiancée likes elegance and is not towards the showy stuff then you spend your money on this little yet classic solitaire ring. It is one of the best engagement rings in terms of budget. And is often secured by its 6 prongs and a knife-edged shank. This helps keep it place and minimize it loosening if hit against anything (because let’s face it, we use our hands for everything). 

Round-Cut 3 Row Micro Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

If you’re looking for a series of round diamonds on the band supporting a concentrated diamond on the top, then this is your go-to diamond engagement ring. It features a band of 3-row delicate micro pave diamonds that stretch to the utter bottom and makes it look intricate and beautiful.

Radiant 3-sided Pave Halo Ring with Pink Side Diamonds

This ring features a 3-sided pave lined with lustrous pink diamonds on the side profile. The combination of its radiant lights makes it one of the best engagement rings in the market. Its pink reflection combined with the magic of the center diamond creates an everlasting effect. And will immediately catch the eyes of any woman.

3-Stone Round Channel Set Diamond Engagement Ring

This vintage channel set design houses a center diamond piece surround by two round cut side diamonds on its opposite ends. The side diamonds are then supported by a set channel of small round stones that extend down the shank. Its splendid finish and design earn it a spot in the list of best engagement rings for your fiancée.

There is no hard and fast rule on how much you should spend on an engagement ring. But the one thing to remember is that a bigger diamond doesn’t always mean a better ring. Some rings catch the eye because of their intricate designs and splendid finishes.

This is why you should take a look at some styles and then come up with the perfect choice for your perfect fiancée. Try looking for elegant designs rather than bulking up the finger with an enormous diamond on top. Petite and elegant rings are the trends these days. 

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