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Reasons Why Breitling Rubber Straps Are a Worthwhile Investment

The concept of a rubber watch is not new but not many people are keen to go for such an option considering it is one of the expensive collections that can be added. However, the fact is over other materials of the watch bands, the natural rubber or the synthetic one is the most durable and versatile option that can be chosen. And if reliability is to be considered breitling rubber straps is one of the best options that can be chosen. But being a first-time user, it is obvious to not have clarity about such a strap and that is why, before getting a good piece it is important to know about it.

The revolution of Rubber strap

Once there was a time when natural rubber strap was not trending since it turned out to be uncomfortable, non-breathable, and sticky as well. Besides, in terms of style as well, it wasn’t considered to be quite a fancy one to flaunt in watch accessories. However, gone are those days and from the last 560 years, there has been much revolution in this material. Even so, many capable manufacturers are coming up with better styles and designs which is why it is now trending in the market.

With great quality, amazing performance, such watch straps are not just stylish but also the luxury accessory that one can have. Those who are all set to use such rubber watch bands and add them to the luxury timepieces would not repent of using them at all.

A brief history of rubber straps for watches

As per the research findings on the review that was made on the watch ads, it was revealed that rubber straps entered the market by the 1960s and since then there was no looking back. During that time, it was the quality that varied to a great extent. Some were even criticized for not the better durability and uttermost comfort. Besides, some only considered that Swiss-made straps were the only better option.

But times have changed. Those tropic straps that were initially released as the cheaper alternative for the standard metal bracelet included French Navy Tudor Submariners gained quite a popularity. Soon the option like Tropic turned to be one of the best-recommended watch band choices in some areas of France in 1960s and 1970s France.

Post-1970’s rubber straps gained quite a lot of popularity. There have been some amazing watches like Super-Dive and Benthos in a different color that gained more momentum. It was available in different colors such as orange, bright blue, and even yellow to name some.

Different types of rubber for watch straps

Post the evolution of the rubber watch straps, there have been so many amazing brands in the market with a wide range of materials in the rubber quality which made the super more confusing. To be sure the right quality watch strap is chosen, it is better to explore some of the rubber strap types as well. Talking of which some of them are:

  • PVC rubber

This is one fine option that can be considered for lasting performance. It is a thermoplastic vinyl polymer that is one of its kind. It is durable but often doesn’t have some of the worthy characters that are needed for the high-end application which makes NBR quite an appealing one.

  • Natural rubber

This option is one of the incredible sources that can be chosen, these days the vulcanized nitrile rubber watch strap has become quite a trending option that offers the best performance as well.  When it comes to rubber, there is no doubt that its performance is usually understood by the type whether it is the silicone one or the Nitrile Butadiene Rubber. Besides, certain formulations and even the processing is also important.

  • Silicone rubber

This material is not exactly a rubber but more like a rubber and is not of much use when it comes to better performance. It is exceptional in the case of brands like Sinn that is known to offer the classic collection of silicone rubber straps. The best part of such a strap is that it can be available in any color and shape. It is more known for its better stickiness and tendency to not easily tear down.

  • PU rubber

This material is efficient too. But it is advised to not consider this one as the primary option even when it has positive qualities because natural rubber, it gives more discomfort and can be pricey as well. However, the best part is its high functionality, durability, and some of its elastic properties that consist of the organic unit’s chain.

  • Other options

top-quality vulcanized rubber, isoprene straps, and other synthetic rubbers have also been created using the base of petrochemicals such as neoprene. It is one fine option that can be considered but not the popular one. Since the rubber watch strap over regular options is pricey, it is always better to give it a second thought.

The advantages to not ignore

It is the luxury rubber watch straps that are being considered then surely it can be quite expensive. But certainly, it is a firm brand, one of the finest and the most exotic brands of the watch to be considered. It is more appealing in sports, diving, and even the use of general leisure. Other than this, to invest in such a brand is worth because of its properties such as:

  • UVA radiation resistant
  • Durable
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Non-allergenic
  • Waterproof
  • Variety of colors and textures.
  • Easy to clean
  • Unisex
  • Secure fitting and suppleness
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish.


Options like breitling rubber straps are a must-try since it offers some of the best properties such as better security, durability, and comfort. It is time to change the taste in watch straps and try something unique like a rubber watch strap which can even look appealing if added to the sports watch collection. This undoubtedly over other options of the watches can be costly but it does not require frequent repair.

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