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Six Features that Can Make you Decide to Buy a Smart Fridge

As technology continues to evolve, smart refrigerators are equipped with a touchscreen interface that offers access to many features. These refrigerators can connect themselves with your home’s Wi-Fi, making it easy to stream YouTube videos or Netflix. Also, these fridges are fitted with internal cameras, several temperature control options, and the ability to control your fridge remotely. If you are on the market for a smart fridge, the following are some of the main features you can expect from it:

Wi-Fi Connectivity

A smart refrigerator can be seamlessly connected to the Wi-Fi at your home and control its temperature remotely through a smartphone application. Also, you will be able to see the status of the filters installed in the fridge without prying them open.

Inventory Monitoring

With a smart fridge, you can keep an eye on the expiry dates of your food items inside the fridge through its built-in cameras. Also, this lets you know other fridge items you need to buy while you are grocery shopping.  As Smart refrigerators like LG’s lrfns2200s can send you reminders on when a food item on the shelf is close to expiry, you will never run out your essentials.

Internet Browsing

The fridge’s massive touch panel can e used for doing numerous tasks including internet browsing. With this feature, you don’t have to carry your smartphone or tab into the kitchen to view the recipes. It lets you fire up the browsers in the fridge within seconds and search for your favourite article or stream videos.

Family Member Profiles

A smart fridge has a feature that lets you segregate tasks and split the grocery list. You just have to create a dedicated profile in it and when the items are supposed to be re-stocked, the fridge will send an alert to the respective household member through Wi-Fi directly onto their smartphones.

Hot and Water Control

A smart fridge offers the option to have a controlled amount of hot and warm water available directly from its exterior. This lets you easily schedule the refrigerator to heat up a certain amount of water. This eliminates the need for extra devices in your kitchen.

Casting TV

If your favourite TV show is still on, you might not want to start doing your kitchen chores to finish the show. But, this is no longer a concern when you invest in a smart fridge. The reason is that you can cast your smart TV screen to your smart fridge and watch the rest of the show on the fridge’s display.

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