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The Complete Guide on the Best Kitchen Knives

A good kitchen knife is an essential item in your kitchen arsenal, and it is a multi-functional tool that can perform several tasks, from cutting a chicken to finely chopping greens and garlic. However, buying a good kitchen knife is problematic since all blades are sharp when new.

Even though kitchen knives get all the love and attention, most common knives are found in the kitchen. There are plenty of specialized kitchen knives, making the buying process hard. Let us dive right into the complete guide on the best kitchen knives.

Parts of a Knife

  • Edge

This is the blade’s working point, and it is advisable to hone it with knife steel before using it. Sharpen this blade using a stone or other devices to make a new edge after cutting becomes less precise.

You can also cut down the paper edge to gauge sharpness. Also, consider hand-washing and drying the blade after use to avoid corrosion.

  • Handle

Pick a knife with an oval-shaped handle to enjoy the best ergonomics. Do not buy knives with slots for fingers or grooves since they are not helpful for a vast cross-section of users. Metal or wood handles offer a good grip, but plastic handles can get slippery.

  • Tip

This blade’s forward quarter is ideal for cutting delicate or small foods. The point is excellent for piercing, and you are warned against using it as a bottle opener or other unintended uses.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Knife

  • Essentials

You can work with only two knives in your kitchen, a serrated and a chef knife. The chef’s knife is ideal for cutting almost anything except bread, while the bread knife is used solely when cutting bread, as the name suggests.

A small paring or utility knife is perfect for things like strawberries, and kitchen shears work for things like trimming chicken. It will help to keep it to the basics unless you want to buy a complete set.

  • Acknowledge the Terminology

Knives are stamped or forged. Forged knives are more expensive and are created when a single molten piece is beaten to the correct shape. The blade is sharp, made to protect the hand when cutting, and they are less likely to bend because they are less flexible than stamped.

Stamped knives are made using a cookie-cutter machine and have a similar thickness. These knives lack a heel and bolster. Stamped knives were cheaper and considered low-quality, but specific high-end organizations make premium knives.

  • Size

Your chef’s knife needs crucial consideration as the kitchen’s workhorse. Most knives range between six and ten inches, and shorter blades have easy handling. However, longer knives are beneficial because they slice large foods. Most homesteads prefer an eight-inch knife because it ticks all the right boxes.

  • Composition

Steel is the primary metal when making most knife blades, but not all are the same. Many knives are made with a combination of carbon and stainless steel but in different amounts.

Stainless steel fights corrosion and rust, while carbon steel leads to a better edge. Consider picking a knife with high levels of carbon steel to get the best of both materials.

  • Feel the Handle

The other thing to do when buying otf knives is to feel the handle. Certain retailers have policies that let you exchange a knife within sixty days after purchase. Also, consider taking your knife for a test in the kitchen and ensure it is comfortable and meets your kitchen wants.

  • Balance

A perfect knife should be appropriately balanced between the blade and handle. It is possible to check this by laying the knife on your fore and middle finger. Suppose the handle is heavy; this implies it will not be effective when cutting. Avoid heavy blades, too, because they will be uncomfortable to use.

Why you Should Have a Good Chef Knife

A chef knife is an essential thing you should have in your kitchen. It is commonly known that knives are categorized depending on their hand feel, but a good kitchen knife should entail more than a comfortable handle. A good knife should have an agile blade, razor-shard edges, and good edge retention.

Below we discuss the benefits of a good kitchen knife;

  • Speed

Shard and good knives are faster, simple, and plain. Slicing an onion using low-quality knives is tedious, and you should consider making updates. People who use quality knives are amazed at how fast they function when preparing recipes.

Sharp knives also cut through onions fast while minimizing cell breakage. This minimizes the tera-causing gas released after breaking the sulfoxide’s cell walls.

  • Safety

You have minimal chances of cutting yourself when using a sharp knife than a blunt one. Also, good knives are sold in blocks, meaning you will keep your fingers safe from accidental cuts when cooking.

Quality knives also do a good job when cutting. They cause minimal food damage, giving you your desired results. Presentation is vital when dealing with healthy food, and using a sharp knife ensures minimal waste.

Types of Knives

Knives are available in different types, and not all have a similar function. Picking the correct knife for cooking is essential, and we have discussed some benefits above. Below we discuss the most common knives;

  1. Chef’s Knife

As the name suggests, the chef’s knife is among the most frequently used kitchen tool, which has many benefits. These knives range between nine and ten inches, even though they can be as short as six inches. These knives are mainly used when preparing food and are among the essential kitchen items.

You will enjoy slicing and cutting more if the balance and weight are accurate.

  1. Paring Knife

Paring knives are tiny chef’s knives used for the same purpose but on a smaller scale, especially those that need more precision. Avoid using these knives when chopping vegetables since they require too much force.

Final Thoughts

Knives are essential kitchen tools and are available in different forms. The above article has discussed the complete guide on kitchen knives, and you can reach out for more details.

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