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The Correct Way to Fix Hair Loss

Hair has a psychological and sociological significance throughout the generations in framing the character, general appearance and personality of an individual. Hair loss is often aching and could have a crucial effect on an individual’s characteristic and quality of life. People with these problems must cite their family medic first with continuous or patchy follicle loss. The structure of hair loss may be apparent such as exposed patches and rubbing hair loss that transpires from telogen effluvium. As with maximum conditions, the doctor should start the examination with a comprehensive history and physical analysis. It is necessary to specify whether the follicle loss is non-scarring that is reversible or is it permanent.

Discussing the physiology of hair growth, It is categorized in four phases:

  • Anagen: Considers actively growing 90% of hair.
  • Catagen: Considers degeneration and growing 10% of hair.
  • Telogen: Considers resting and growing almost 5% to 10% of hair.
  • Exogen: Considers slow growth of hair

The Steps to Protect hair damage In Brief

Many therapists suggest many solutions and remedies for การบำรุงผม ผมเสียจากการจัดแต่งทรง, hair fall and protection. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Stop using chemicals and equipment: Everybody admires to straighten, bend, and apply trendy colours to their hair. But keeping things in mind, one should do it once in a blue moon. These straighteners, dryers, and bleaching agents ravage the touch and feel of hair and roughen it in no time. It is better to avoid these chemicals if an individual is facing hair-fall problems.
  • Stay away from direct sunlight: As we know, sunlight is very vital for our health as it provides us with Vitamin D., But sunlight also contains ultraviolet rays which harm the follicles and scalp of the head if we came to direct contact for a long period.
  • Regular combing/brushing habits: After a tiring and stressful day, hair gets dry and split most of the time. In this case, one should use fingers to untangle the dryness and stickiness.
  • Use healthy and natural products: One should apply the essential oils for proper hair nourishment, growth, shine, and bounce. Massaging with oil also gives relief to the head. One should also use shampoo and conditioner every weekend or twice a week to eliminate frizziness.

Significant progress is being made on discovering an effective and safe drug for hair growth. Other factors that influence the speed of hair growth include age, genetics, pregnancy, and health.

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