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Three Important Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying Men’s Shirts

Shirts are important pieces to your suiting and you must wear the right fit and fabric. They are the first pieces you put on and your last line of defense. You must feel confident and in control while buttoning your shirts up in the morning. You can get the perfect fitting shirt without spending plenty of money. If you are on the market for new shirts, below some things you must consider:

Your Body Type and Measurements

Men’s bodies differ in shapes and sizes, so don’t be surprised if a standard size does not fit you perfectly. Before you go to a store, ensure you know your body type and measurements, including the neck size, arm length, chest, and waist size.

A shirt that fits has clean lines that appeal to the eye and flatter your body without excess fabric that bunches up to look baggy. A shirt that is too tight for your body will prevent you from moving freely. When it comes to the perfect fit, ensure the shoulder seams hug your shoulders and stop at the end of the shoulders. You can also opt for an Elephant Wear apparel that includes wrinkle-free black and bone check, white/crimson stripe, light blue and white micro-check, and others. You can easily find these and other options online.  Their website also features accessories including caps and scarfs.


In terms of shirt color, there is no wrong answer here. However, there are some things you must keep in mind. Solid white and light blue shirts are the most versatile options that can impress in both the workplace and in public. But, if you don’t want to stick to solid colors, consider getting some vibrant options. A bold flora pattern can be an excellent choice for a birthday party or an outdoor wedding.


While you can pick any material you like, it is recommended to avoid synthetic or man-made fibers such as rayon and polyester. Rather, choose something more natural for more breathability and temperature regulation. Here are some of the most favorite shirt fabrics:

  • Fine cotton. This versatile material is crisp, breathable, and light, making it perfect for dress shirts. It is ideal to be worn alone or paired with a suit jacket, ensuring you feel sharp and stylish.
  • Linen. This type of fabric is ideal if you want something a little casual or you live in a hot climate. This natural fabric is very cooling and great at wicking moisture away from the body.
  • This is a common choice for people who want a more casual look. An oxford shirt is a bit thicker than a shirt made from fine cotton. But, it is quite durable and functional.

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