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Top 5 ways to save every festive season

Festivals contribute as a tremendous live element in Indian culture. Festivals are a feeling and social cohesion of different cultures and communities, which gives us a great example of unity in diversity. 

As per the studies and evaluation, around 55% percent of people belong to the middle class in India. The current generation is the founder of going out on vacations during holidays. But do you have any idea that you can plan and book everything from your home these days online. Basically you can plan almost every detail along with the amount you will be spending on vacations. Now the best part is you can even save a great deal using online shopping sale & deals from various online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, FabIndia, etc.

Statistically, we can say that almost 50% of the public prefer holiday destinations and vacations in most of the festive season. Around most favorite destinations with the statistical percentage can be summed up as below. 

A favorite destination of vacations in the festive season Percentage of people
Varanasi 30%
Amritsar 42%
Jaipur and Udaipur 80%
Goa 78%
Kolkata 49%

Why do people shop in the festive season more?

Reason Percentage
Necessity 20%
Because someone else in the family is buying 60%
Because of the attractive discount deals 50%
  • Avoid malls   

Many malls and more extensive shopping marts have a strategy to attract customers by exploring and experimenting with deals and discounts. These all deals and discounts, for example, buy five and get three items free, or buy two and get one free, are just a manipulative strategy of most of the malls and shop owners to tempt the customers to buy more. Around 30% of the population belonging to the middle class believe in such schemes and are fantasizing about the deals. 

The most common offers are-  

Most common exciting offer How many percentages of malls have such a scheme
Buy 3 and get 2 free 50%
Buy 2 and get 1 free 40%
Buy 1 get 1 free 70%

As mentioned above, the most common offers are on the clothing and other home décor items like bedsheets, napkins, and table cloths. Above all this, other things like electronic gadgets like smartphones and TV, kitchen accessories also have a discount deal of 5%, 10% or more than 20% discount. 

Ultimately, they bluff the customer with such deals, and they earn more profit. In such arrangements, either we find that the product is damaged or faulty or have bought the unnecessary items more. Specifically, these deals are prompted out in this festive season, and we should avoid such time visiting malls and shopping marts.

  • Leave with a full stomach.

As a typical middle-class mentality of the higher percentage of the population, we leave our house with an empty stomach to eat outside food while shopping and eating out in a nice restaurant. We are so much fond of the outside food that lastly if we curate our expanse, we experience that we have spent more on the food items and less on the necessary stuff. In this season’s restaurants also pull up to attract more customers and apply the marketing strategy of discount deals for them. They have a special section of combo meals and get us beverages and other items for free. Making a mind and not leaving home with an empty stomach will save you from spending over on the food items.

  • Reduce going out

Usually, as per the mentality in the festive season, the environment around us is filled with joy and happiness. We tend to go out more often these days. It’s all about reducing going out these days to avoid overspending. The moment we step out, we feel like buying small unwanted things. The current generation usually makes a festive day as a holiday and opt for going out on vacation to a hilly destination. 

  • Look out for deals

In these festive seasons, we should look out for the things like-

  • Look for genuine deals and discount
  • Look for the products original price and quality
  • Look for the deals which are beneficial to you
  • Look for the deals in a proper particular shop other than the bigger malls and marts

But there are users who doesn’t like going out. For them they can simply explore the online shopping stores where they may get some great shopping offers and coupons. You can get some great deals on websites like Myntra, Ajio, ClubFactory, etc. You can get some awesome Myntra Coupons to save up to 45%. 

  • Make gifts instead of buying.

As we see many people, our teen generations are into the business of homemade desserts, gifts, and other products, which are less expensive and decorated well to gift in the festive season. The new era of homemade Rakhi in Raksha Bandhan, homemade sweets in Diwali, and homemade desserts now on any birthday are in trend. This trend has a significant idea of saving more and more in the festive season. These hampers and gifts are made and crafted with love and effort, which are more beautiful and meaningful. Around 40 to 45% of teens and homemakers are indulging in making homemade gifts that are affordable and attractive to all classes in India. Most benefits of these homemade food items like desserts and sweets are they are healthy with no added preservatives and harmful chemicals, unlike the outside foods. The homemade decorative gifts are being more pocket-friendly and customized compared to the readymade stuff.


Festivals play an important cultural event in our Indian culture. The importance of the festival and celebrating them without forgetting all the differences in the authentic culture we have acquired from our generations. Festivals give us a refreshing break from the routine and re-energize us to work more efficiently. The current trend of the major population has changed the meaning of festivals as holidays and traveling. This generation is fond of opting for a holiday on festive days rather than being at home. Buying unnecessary stuff and wasting money just to satisfy the jealousy and ego in the family is in trend, which is appropriate. One should kind in mind these tips to avoid over the expense and save for the necessary stuff essential in one’s life.

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