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Christmas is a religious and cultural festival observed throughout the world by the Christian community. The celebrations are related to the birth of Jesus and hence, all decorations and gatherings. It is the time when children get new Christmas toys, Christmas clipart gets everybody’s attention, and enjoyable Christmas articles are in demand. Apart from decorations, people arrange family dinners, dance parties and even go for a shopping spree. The Swarovski Christmas crackers are just as high in demand and are available online to ease customers.

Christmas traditions:

Many festivals are celebrated the traditional way only. The usual dinners, gatherings, jokes and games are a must in every house, but now, many opt to replace the conventional way. Still, traditions live on and are passed from one generation to another.

Here are some traditions which are still followed today.

  1. The first tradition that goes on like a story is a festive gift theme. All gifts are wrapped in red and decorated in a white Santa cap.
  2. Many children get the granny’s favourite red sweater, which looks absurd but worn with pride.
  3. Some recipes are followed at all dinners. Eggnog is one such recipe.
  4. After opening presents, many families cook together for the big day.
  5. For a perfect snap, people wear matching jammies.
  6. A family recipe for the perfect dessert is a must-have.
  7. Send traditional cards to relatives who are abroad.
  8. Arrange a family tree.

Apart from the traditional clicks, here are some unique ideas for Christmas 2021.

Unique ideas for Christmas 2021.

  1. Grey is the new colour:

Lately, many people have changed from red to grey. The new subtle and modern colour looks good on walls as well as for Christmas wrappers. The combined colour scheme will just set the mood right.

  1. Make a new list:

People tend to use the same list year by year. It is now time to change. Create a new wish list with practical items on the list. It can be a robot, vacuum cleaner or the latest cell phone you always wanted. Who knows, you might get one.

  1. Go for jewellery:

Who says no to jewellery as a gift. Every woman loves a new pair of earrings or a necklace. For this, you can choose from the range of Swarovski Christmas crackers.

  1. Create a minibar:

Drinking at Christmas is common. But the after-effects are dangerous as drinking while driving is a hazard. You can create a mini bar at your place and introduce the drinks as per your choice. The recipes are kept a secret.

  1. New games:

Instead of the old games and stories, introduce new games which are a centre of attraction for many. Here you can keep gifts such as Swarovski Christmas crackers for the winner.

  1. The five gift rules:

The golden five rules for gifts are golden. But you can slightly alter it and create a unique opportunity for the members to create something they want as a gift there and then. This way, a special and resourceful gift is made.

  1. Santa Claus:

No one can beat the traditional Santa Claus. A person who shows up as Santa Claus is considered the most loving by all. This year, you can have a Santa Claus costume for everybody in the house, even children, but all with something unique in the outfit. It will be fun, and you can save money on other expensive gifts.

  1. Mini refrigerator:

Can you imagine having chilled cosmetics? Isn’t it fun to have a cold lipstick or chilled eye palette? A mini-refrigerator would do the trick. Buy a mini-refrigerator, of course not chilled or even cold, and store all your cosmetics in there. It would be fun to carry it around. You can keep a guessing game for everyone regarding this cute mini-refrigerator.

  1. Christmas masks:

The pandemic isn’t over yet, and we have to keep our distance and maintain utmost hygiene. You can get plain white masks and then do some craftwork. Also, you can personalize the cover by painting in initials or doing the work of tie and dye. Who knows, you might get a theme for the following year.

  1. carols:

Finally, you can sing the traditional carols or can come up with some remixes of your own. People who are interested in music, especially teenagers, will immensely enjoy it and you might have a new DJ in the house.

Is it worth it?

All changes are for good. The unique ideas will get everybody interested in family affairs, and the get-togethers will be memorable. People would look forward to the next year with zeal and keep something as a remembrance which will create a new history.


All ideas need considerable changes. Christmas will come every year, and new memories are created. It is fun to do something new every year, keeping in mind the traditions because we need to make sure that the new ideas don’t damage our culture. You can gift Swarovski Christmas crackers to everybody’s astonishment. This year, do something new and get everybody moving along.

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