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Ways to Personalize Your Wardrobe

There are so many styles in the world. Even still, it can sometimes seem tricky to add your own personal flair to your wardrobe. Every single person is unique, so it seems obvious that there should be as many styles as there are people in the world. If you are looking for ways to make your clothes your own, here are some suggestions you might consider.

Remember Where You Came From

Many people move away from where they grew up, but these places are still a big part of who you are. If the style is different where you are from, bring the style to where you are now. Perhaps you moved back east from the west and want to add a nice western belt buckle for women to your clothing. People will enjoy seeing what you have to offer when they know it represents a piece of you.

Mix and Match Styles

Just because one person says particular styles shouldn’t mix doesn’t mean you need to live by that. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you like two different styles that most people say don’t match, remember that you are trying to represent yourself and it shouldn’t matter what other people have to say. Let them dress to represent them and you can dress to represent you.

Be Bold

Along the same lines of mixing and matching styles, be bold in your choices. Wear stripes with plaid if it tickles your fancy. The idea is to be unique, not to conform to what society has decided the styles should be. Think about styles that aren’t popular and take a step into the darkness. You may just start a new trend.

Think of What You Are Trying to Portray

By looking at the clothes that you are wearing, what do you want other people to learn about you? If you want them to learn that you are positive and optimistic, then typically bright or sparkly clothes will do the trick. If you want to show you are a more relaxed person, try neutral tones. In a way, you are starting with the impression you want to leave others with and planning around that.

Whatever you decide to base your style on, remember that the goal should not be for everyone to like it. While it may be easy to get sucked into focusing on this ideal, if the end goal is being unique then the tastes of others will lead you astray.

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