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What is Breast Augmentation, According to Experts?

Breast augmentation is basically a surgical procedure that experts conduct to change the shape or enlarge women’s breasts. It is among the most popular procedures and usually achieves good and positive results.

There are several reasons women can benefit from breast augmentation surgery. Some mothers might be looking to regain the original size of their breasts after breastfeeding or pregnancy.

Some breast cancer survivors can also consider this surgery as part of breast reconstruction. But others hope to increase the size of the breasts for several emotional, physical, or psychological reasons.

Types of Breast Augmentation

There are two major forms of breast augmentation. These include fat transfer augmentation and breast implants.

Within these two forms, there are many other types, depending on what patients want their breasts to feel and look like.

Some breast implants are only FDA-approved (Food and Drugs Administration) for certain ages. So it would be vital to completely research and be familiar with both the advantages and disadvantages of every option. Among the popular implant options include:

  • Textured breast implant
  • Smooth breast implant
  • Round breast implant
  • Saline breast implant
  • Silicone breast implant

Who Qualifies for the Surgery?

Surgery is not the first step when it comes to gender transition. Rather it’s something, which happens once you explore medical and social transition options.

Individuals who go through the surgery normally do so after taking other steps in gender affirmation procedures, like taking supplemental hormones.

Experts advise you to take estrogen for one year or so before taking part in this surgery. This will allow the growth of the breast.

Plus, to be eligible for this surgery at many hospitals, you need to be 15 years and older and meet some criteria, which may vary from one clinic to another.

What to Expect

Before the surgery, your surgeon will help you choose the breast size you want to have. This can be achieved by placing different-sized implants into bras to determine how the patients feel.

Your surgeon will use a general anesthetic to make you sleep during the surgery. At times, surgeons use local anesthetics that will not put you to sleep.

After the procedure, you will likely experience swelling and soreness for some weeks. Bruising is also possible. Although not completely, expect those scars to fade away with time.

Costs and Consultation

The cost of the surgery usually depends on certain factors, including the type of implant used, location, and doctor.

Roughly, the procedure falls between $5,000 and $10,000. Since it is one of the cosmetic procedures, your health insurance will not cover your surgery costs.

This is why you need to discuss the costs when you meet with your doctor. Most doctors will also complete the consultation with an individualized treatment, which may include a discussion of:

  • Recovery
  • Potential risks
  • Complications

Final Say!

Many patients are contented and happy with the breast augmentation results. This is because, after the surgery, there is an increased amount of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Patients wishing to have their breasts changed and enlarged shouldn’t let their friends or family influence their decisions. As long as you get consent from your doctor, go for it.

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