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What to Consider When Buying a Justice of the Peace Stamp

If you’re a registered Justice of the Peace (JP), a personalised Justice of the Peace stamp that meets the legal requirements of your state is an essential piece of stationery for completing your duties. Unlike other stamps, an official certificate stamp that can be used for the purposes of a JP is not always easy to find or even readily available. This blog post from Dial A Stamp will go over what sizes and shapes are available for JP stamps, why you should always pay extra to personalise them, and the best place to get them.

Available Sizes & Shapes

A Justice of the Peace stamp comes in many different varieties of sizes and shapes that can conform to most document types and sizes. The biggest JP stamps available are usually in the 58-70mm x 25mm range, while the smallest you can use for a stamp certified true copy is 24mm x 24mm.

Shapes also vary, but as JP stamps are typically used to verify legally binding documents, it’s usually best to stick with traditional stamp shapes such as round or rectangular. There may be special circumstances where other stamp shapes are permissible or expected, and in these cases, JP stamps can be customised to your specifications.

Should You Personalise Your JP Stamp?

Yes, you should always personalise your Justice of the Peace stamp, as failure to have your registered details (such as your JP number and the exact name you registered under as a JP) on your stamp could invalidate any documents you’re attempting to execute or witness on another’s behalf.

JP stamps can be personalised to display any text, images or logos you may need in order to ensure your stamp is legally compliant with your state’s requirements.

Where is the Best Place to Get a JP Stamp?

Dial A Stamp has been providing Justice of the Peace stamps as well as custom ink and rubber stamps for over 30 years. We can advise you on the best sizes and shapes and also tailor your JP certificate stamp to meet any custom requirements you may have.

When you need a high-quality personalised JP stamp that’s compliant with the requirements of your state, don’t hesitate to use the form on our website to organise a free proof and quote. Alternatively, you can call us on 1300 274 244 to speak with our friendly team.

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