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Why you need to get into men’s athleisure

Men! This one is for you. If you love to work out you going to want to see this. So you know how it seems that women have more clothing options compared to men? It might seem that if men’s clothing does not really matter. When we look at the different men’s athleisure for men to wear we understand that we might have fewer options than women do. But nonetheless, it is still important for us men to feel comfortable while working out. After all the more comfortable that you feel, the more likely that you are to want to work out. 

What to wear to exercise

When planning out your workout outfit it is important to remember comfort is key. You do not want to wear tight clothes while yes it will show off your muscles more, It could make working out feel more uncomfortable. Breathable clothes will be so much more of use to you. And oftentimes work out apparel companies will make their items made of breathable materials. You can also look for clothes that will make you not look as sweaty. The less sweaty you feel the cleaner you are more likely to feel as well. 

We are going to take a look at some good workout clothing ideas for men. 

    • T-shirts- Look it’s plain and simple, there are a million different shirt ideas out there. So how can you pick the right one? Well, that depends on your liking. We usually recommend a plain shirt while you are working out. Logos and decals can stick to you more and make it less comfortable for you to work out. When choosing a good workout T-shirt like we said earlier breathable shirts will be better. You can also get a sweat-resistant shirt to make it more of a dry fit type of shirt. You want something that is going to be lite and something that gives you room to move around. 
    • Shorts- For athleticwear, there are so many different types of shorts that you can choose from. Of course, you have your standard basketball shorts that give more room and are usually longer. But that extra weight of the clothing can actually weigh you down. We recommend finding a pair of shorts made to work out in. These are going to usually be a little shorter and lighter. Making it easier for you to run. You also want to avoid having deep pockets. There is really no reason you should have anything in your pockets when working out. This is only going to make it feel heavier for you to work out.
    • Joggers and sweats- When working out you have a couple of different options in the pants category, When you can either choose joggers which has really taken the exercise scene by storm. They are the cousin to your typical “sweat pants” but are not as heavy or hot. Usually, you want to choose joggers if you are planning on doing some type of cardio. Again you want comfort you do not want to get too hot or feel too heavy from the sweat pants. With joggers, you can choose different styles and colors. 
  • Running shoes- When choosing your running shoe the most important aspect is going to be comfort. I think you can see the theme here and it is comfort. But your shoes should be made specifically for working out and having comfortable soles is important. With running shoes, you can choose from many different styles and colors so the possibilities are really endless. If you want to be extra stylish buy multiple running shoes, so you can coordinate your shoes with your outfits. 
  • Sweatsuits- There are a couple of different types of sweatsuits. Of course, you have your tracksuits which are usually matching and great for the stylish workout man. But also they have come out with sweatsuits that actually can make you sweat more. Think of a sauna. That’s pretty much what it is. It creates body heat to make you sweat and lose more water. Which means it is great for shedding excess pounds. Now with these, we highly recommend that you have water with you as these might make you get dehydrated a bit quicker. 

Guys we hope that this helped you think of good workout clothing ideas. We know for a fact that if you enjoy working out your going to want to do it more. And clothing is actually a huge factor in this. And while we did cover most workout clothing ideas the possibilities are endless. Remember you are going to want to dress for the weather and also comfort. For those living in cold areas layers are going to be your friend and for those living in warmer climates, less clothing is also going to be a friend of yours. 

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